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About Us

Divine Epiphany Artworks is an online art gallery that promotes talented emerging painters from Quebec, and helps them get discovered by the public. Their original artworks can be purchased on our online shop, shipped with care and displayed in your home or workplace. 

The Idea

Divine Epiphany Artworks was created by artist Esther Calixte-Bea in 2016. The name represents a vision received by the artist. That vision is then transformed into an artwork. The word "Divine," represents holiness & the supernatural, while the word "Epiphany" is defined as a realization or manifestation of a divine being. This realization is materialized into a bird, as seen on the logo. Calixte-Bea's mission was not to only promote her own work but the works of others so that the world may discover them and appreciate new talent.

Here is what the artist & business owner has to say about the origins of the idea and why she created D.E.A.:

"I was too young to understand that being an artist would be a struggle. I learned it in high school and my heart collapsed. I was passionate about making art and knew that I did not want to do anything else. Time, energy and frustration were part of the journey. I listened to my classmates' complaints, their dreams became impossible and everyone said it. They were all very saddened by the fact that they were forced to change careers but felt great joy when doing what they loved. This strong passion and this new knowledge led me into a black hole. For years I thought about it and felt sorry for them because they thought their dreams could not come true. As I grew older, this fear grew in me and infected me like the others, but I remained optimistic. Suddenly, a big idea appeared to me as a vision."

Why Buy Art?

Some art lovers usually buy art because they appreciate the time, the hard work, the artists's process or simply feel moved by it and others buy them as an investment, that to say that an artwork is considered as an asset. With that in mind, we make sure to give you access to affordable artworks, give you the chance to discover new artists at the tip of your finger and dive into their creative minds. 


Art is more than just an object, it naturally speaks to our soul while carrying its own spirit, energy and presence. When you purchase artworks here you are supporting and encouraging emerging artists from Quebec, and taking into account the thought process, time and effort to create this work of art.

There is always an artwork meant for you!

For further information, Divine Epiphany Artworks encourages you to read an article by Lawyer Simon Gareau on Art and Taxes.

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“The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls.” 

Pablo Picasso