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Divine Epiphany Artworks

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Artist Eligibility & Terms

The artist is eligible to submit a form to Divine Epiphany Artworks if

they are 18 years old and over

they are an emerging painter

they are born and/or reside permanently in Quebec


Many visitors come to our website each day.  Therefore, we give artists the opportunity to be featured on our website for free and give them a chance to get discovered by the public. They will get their own webpage and sell their work for art lovers to purchase. 


The artist will have to submit basic information such as their name, 3-5 images of their artworks including a description (name, size, medium). The artist must make sure to submit work they are proud of, represents them and expresses much more than their skills but their creativity. They will also have to answer a few more questions to help us get to know them a little better. 


The form submission should take 5 to 10 minutes max to complete. 

Once the artist submits their form the information will be stored safely in our database and will be looked at by us. 

Once the artist's form is approved they will receive an email where more information will be given such as providing us with their picture, bio, artist statement, images of artworks they would want to be displayed on their web page and more. 

If you have any question and want more information please feel free to email us at

Yes, I agree with the terms.

Artist Form

1-Basic Info

2-Images of your artworks

choose 3-5 clear images of your best and most creative paintings

3-Info about yourself as an artist

How long have you been painting? 

Divine Epiphany Artworks wants to know what you're all about:

What topics and themes do you like to explore in your work? 


By joining you will receive newsletters about events, opportunities, promotions and more.

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