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Louise Campion

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Louise Campion is a French artist living and working in Tiohtiá:ke/Montreal (Ca). She attended the Fine Arts School of Lyon (Fr), and completed her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Studio Arts at Concordia University. Multidisciplinary visual artist, primarily interested by painting and drawing, Louise has exhibited works in galleries like the FoFa Gallery and the Rialto Theatre in Montreal, la Salle Vasse in Nantes (Fr) and others. She worked as elected Outreach Coordinator for Concordia’s Fine Arts Student Alliance during the 2018/19 school year and recently curated shows at Eastern Bloc and for the Art Matters Festival at Espace 8 (Montreal).

artist statement

My current practice focuses on the exploration of awareness and emotional survival in a context of global violence. My hope with every new piece is to bring often overlooked information into light to spark a conversation on mental health, social issues, global warming or general interrogations I have regarding the ecosystem I live in. This year especially, I got really intrigued by the office world, its very own codes and unwritten rules. My goal in my paintings is to explore the occidental corporate world and its dynamics through an overall energy created by colours combinations and relationships. Also interested by the notion of charisma, I focus on the gestures of the shoulders and hands of my figures as a way to observe with fascination how the idea of power remains the center of attention.